A Frank Lloyd Wright Clubhouse in Hawaii

Two weeks ago, I posted here about the Oak Park, Illinois, neighborhood with several homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. When I was in Maui last week on vacation, I had to take a look at a golf clubhouse from designs by Frank Lloyd Wright.

I drove up the hill with two golfers, my husband and our friend Larry Franklin, who raved about the golf course, but our first look at the clubhouse startled us. Overlooking a large valley, hugging a hillside, the clubhouse looks futuristic.

DSCN1302 (640x480)

You see a small part of the valley below.
You see a small part of the valley below.

DSCN1307 (800x582) (640x466)

Built in 1993, decades after the passing of Wright, the clubhouse of the King Kamehameha Golf Club, is from archived Frank Lloyd Wright designs for a structure or structures that were never built. They were adapted by Taliesin Architects.

Check out the link above. It has photos of a side with circular windows, and the interior, which I did not get to see. It is a private golf club. (Golfers can sample the course with a day pass.)

The video on the page, from the Golf Channel, says the design was based on a home for a certain screen legend. No spoiler from me.

The website also devotes a page to Frank Lloyd Wright’s design, with more photos.  I’m glad I bought that travel guidebook! I did not expect this in Maui.

Me at Kapalua Bay, Maui
Me at Kapalua Bay, Maui



6 thoughts on “A Frank Lloyd Wright Clubhouse in Hawaii”

  1. They recently built a new clubhouse at one of our muni courses here in Lincoln, NE (Holmes Lake), and I wish they has seen this one. Something like it would have fit into the landscape much better than what they built. You can see it here http://www.holmesgolfcourse.com/pictures.html I’m getting used to it, but I do wish we had more architects like Frank Lloyd Wright around these days.

    1. I guess they were going for mid-century modern, judging by the ends, but yeah, it’s awfully plain in between. If it’s a public course, budget is a big concern. Taxpayers can’t afford masterpieces like Wright’s.

      I’ll post more Wright photos at a later date. He designed some of my mother’s alma mater, Florida Southern. She grew up down the street and remembers looking down it and seeing the buildings going up.

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