Hotel del Coronado, Part 5 — Ghost Sightings Compiled by the Hotel

The book Beautiful Stranger‘s Chapter 9 is a delicious read.  Guests have reported all sorts of strange occcurences and apparitions wearing old-fashioned clothes.  Two rooms have been studied by paranormal researchers and their instruments, and designated one a “classic haunting.”

I have a Master of Science degree in Geological Sciences, which has taught me to be open-minded where the natural world is concerned.  I’m a Christian, but I don’t know what to make of these sightings at The Del.  Chapter 9 is pretty darn convincing. Here’s one of my favorites:

A doorman and a female concierge showed off Kate Morgan’s room, a “haunted room” to two young guests.  No guests were staying in the room, and it had been cleaned by the maids.  When the doorman and concierge unlocked the door, they found the room as tidy as it should be except a woman had lain on the bed and left the impression of her body on the bedspread.  The doorman tried to straighten the bedspread, but it did not smooth out — the imprint of the woman’s body stayed exactly the same.  She lay there.  The concierge and youngsters screamed and fled.  Once they were out, the young guests were “intrigued.”

Yeah, pretty cool.


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