Winter Warmth and Sunshine

Palm Springs Desert

Palm Springs is the most famous city in the Coachella Valley.  Today, in early February, the forecast is in the mid-70s, which is about 25 Celsius, and visitors flock here to play golf and tennis in the pleasant winter weather.

It’s warmer and drier than winters in Los Angeles, about 150 miles away, and early Hollywood stars made the trek out here in the days before the interstate and airport, not to work but to enjoy themselves by playing the same sports we do today, dancing in the evenings, and relaxing.

John Frost needed this climate for his ill health.  He often painted Mt. San Jacinto, which borders this valley near Palm Springs. He painted the one below in 1926.

Mount San Jacinto by John Frost, 1926

This same year, the La Quinta Hotel was established nearby (no connection with the chain of the same name).  It attracted old-time Hollywood stars and is still open for business, 87 years later.  I’ll write more about the La Quinta resort next Wednesday.  Here’s a photo below.

La Quinta Resort

Enjoy your week.  If you are busy, you might take a little time for yourself and curl up with a book.  Make your own warmth with a blanket over your legs and a cup of tea.   Next Wednesday we’ll go back to the desert and the 1920s and 30s.


2 thoughts on “Winter Warmth and Sunshine”

  1. Thank you for including those beautiful paintings! I liked the “Enjoy LIfe” inscription over the arch also. There are a few gorgeous homes in Santa Barbara with discreet, meditative inscriptions over their doors; one in particular I recall is over the arch leading to the pool area. Such a nice touch. This one is lovely with the orange flowers. One might call that a little 21st Century touch!

  2. Thanks, Penny! The “Enjoy Life” arch is at the entrance and exit of the spa. You don’t see the inscription when you enter, as it’s on the other side of the arch. You see it only when you leave. They want you to take that spa philosophy with you.

    My husband and I have been visiting the LaQuinta Resort for almost 30 years. I’m eager to share more next week.

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